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The Right Apps for your Business

Easy to use apps designed specifically to streamline workflow


Equipment Availability App

The R2 Mobile Inventory App is targeted at salespeople and others in the organization who need to know the availability of inventory currently or in the future, wherever they may be. The R2 Mobile App can send information about the desired equipment and the dates the customer is looking for to the key company contacts to review and confirm. The app will also send a confirmation to the inquiring customer with the same key data.


Needs Service App

The R2 Mobile Needs Service App is targeted at service technicians, quality control personnel and managers. The R2 Needs Service App allows you to write notes, take photos and record voice messages about faulty or damaged equipment and send it to the R2 software for resolution. Your service technicians will now have detailed information on the equipment needing repair.


Warehouse / Yard App

The R2 Mobile Yard App is targeted at your Yard and Warehouse personnel.

R2 Yard is designed to allow mobile users to look up orders that need to be filled, shipped or returned and to change the status of the key items on each order. The App allows Yard and Warehouse personnel to assign specific assets to the order and to make changes on the fly if specific asset IDs are not currently available.

Using the tablet's ability to connect to the internet, the R2 Yard App connects with the R2 Mobile web server which communicates with the organization's R2 system to send and retrieve order and equipment specific information.

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Common questions and answers

  • Will these Apps run on my device

    Our apps are cross platform apps and designed to run on both android and ios devices. Additionally we also have web apps which run on any device with a browser.

  • Who is UBS?

    Unique Business System (UBS) has been the leader of inventory management software for over 30 years. Trusted by some of the largest companies in the industry.

  • Are more Apps Coming?

    We recognize that business owners need to be able to provide both their employees and customers mobile options for their rental inventory process. We are currently developing new apps, such as dispatch, logistics and others.

  • What is R2?

    R2 is the premiere industry leading inventory management software. With customers like Bexel, ARRI, PSAV and Walt Disney using R2 for their inventory operations. Learn more about R2 here